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Largest stock on hand of over 300 lab grown diamonds in Germany, located in Frankfurt Novita Diamonds is Known as the most trusted and undisputed #1 lab diamond exclusive jewellery brand in Germany.


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What Are Lab Diamonds?
Lab grown diamonds are the perfect alternative to mined diamonds, costing an staggering 80% less they are the only real ethical option in the market. Using state-of-the-art technology, they are crafted for a fraction of the cost and look and are chemically identical. The production process mirrors the natural formation of diamonds, requiring heat, pressure, and carbon, yet achieves this in a much shorter time. These lab diamonds possess all the qualities of natural diamonds, both visually and chemically, but without the hefty price tag, environmental damage and social concerns like conflict blood diamonds.

How much do lab grown diamonds cost in Germany and Europe?

On average you will save 75-80%. For instance, a round 1.00CT D VS1 lab grown diamond costs only €620, a staggering 80% less than its natural diamond equivalent. It's no wonder why an increasing number of consumers are opting for lab diamonds. Another example is a round 2.00CT E VS1 lab diamond, which can be acquired for just €1,500 (March 2024). For a wide selection of diamonds, with hundreds of diamonds available right here in Germany, feel free to explore our "select a diamond page" page.

Lab Grown Diamond Vs Mined Diamond Price Chart

Where is the best place to buy lab diamonds in Germany?

You can visit our Frankfurt showroom or use our state-of-the-art user-friendly website. Currently, Novita Diamonds is in 9 countries across the world with 16 locations, please visit our contact page to find all our showrooms. From our well stablished German operation we service lab grown diamonds to all of Germany and Europe. To name a few, France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweeden, Hungary, Luxembourg, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Czechia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Estonia and Latvia.

In case there isn’t a showroom near you, we recommend a virtual Zoom appointment. This way, you can examine the diamonds and ring designs closely or gather more information about them. During your 1-on-1 free consultation, one of our experts will guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond ring. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you require assistance, as our friendly staff is always available to help.

Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Becoming so Popular in Germany?

Lab grown diamonds in Germany have gained remarkable popularity for three key reasons:

  1. AFFORDABILITY: Lab diamonds provide a cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds, enabling you to own a captivating diamond ring without surpassing your budget. These diamonds are considerably less expensive than mined diamonds, ensuring accessibility for all.
  2. INDISTINGUISHABLE APPEARANCE AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Lab created diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds in terms of their physical appearance and their chemical and optical properties. This implies that your lab grown diamond possesses the same beauty and durability as a mined diamond, ensuring your purchase is a worthwhile investment.
  3. ETHICAL AND CONFLICT-FREE: Our man made diamonds are ethical and are real conflict free. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable, making them the only genuinely ethical diamonds available in the market. You can have confidence that your purchase was made with integrity, causing no harm to individuals or the environment.
Lab Vs Mined Diamonds Comparison Chart

How to purchase the perfect lab grown diamond in Germany?

At Novita Diamonds, our dedicated gemmologists put in the effort to curate the best selection of lab grown diamonds so that you have the utmost confidence in your purchase. Every diamond in our showroom undergoes thorough individual inspection, and only the finest specimens of each grade are selected for our valued customers. You have the option to visit our showroom in Germany or use our convenient and user-friendly online platform to explore and find the perfect lab grown diamond engagement ring. Regardless of your choice, the process of discovering your ideal ring will be stress-free and enjoyable. Simply specify your preferences, such as shape, size, or other parameters, and you'll be presented with a comprehensive list of available stones in both Germany and our overseas stock. Afterward, you can select a suitable ring setting from our expanding collection before proceeding to checkout. If you prefer, you can also purchase a loose diamond without a ring.

What Else Does Novita Diamonds Specialises On?

Novita’s team has decades of combined experience in the jewellery industry, Gemmologists, designers and top master jewellers have crafted a truly diverse and spectacular array of exclusive pieces. Our collection includes an assortment of lab diamond wedding rings, women’s lab diamond wedding rings, men’s wedding rings bands, lab diamond earrings, lab diamond studs, lab diamond tennis bracelets, lab diamond necklaces, lab diamond pendants, custom lab diamond engagement rings, designer and handmade engagement rings, diamond rings on sale, coloured diamonds, specialized gemstones, and a wide range of all diamond jewellery. We also offer loose lab made diamonds in various shapes and sizes to suit every preference.

To locate us on Google, we recommend you search any of these search terms: 'lab grown diamonds Germany', 'lab made diamonds Germany', lab created diamonds Germany, 'manufactured diamonds Germany', 'cultured diamonds Germany', and 'man made diamonds Germany', 'lab grown diamonds Europe'. These keywords will lead you directly to our extensive and exquisite collection, helping you find the perfect piece to match your needs and tastes.

In Summary

When purchasing lab grown diamonds in Germany and Europe, it's advisable to buy from companies with physical locations. Thanks to technological advancements, lab grown diamonds offer the best alternative to mined diamonds. Additionally, you can save an average of 80% on costs, while also contributing to positive change, as only lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Expert gemologists highly recommend collaborating with companies specializing in this field, particularly those exclusively dealing with lab grown diamonds.

With our commitment to excellence and personalized service, we will make your jewellery wishes come true.
Iris Arnold
CEO and Founder

Instagram @Novita.Diamonds.De

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