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Everything About Lab Grown Diamonds

Yes they are, they are equal to mined diamonds in every way but cost a lot less.

Simulants do not have the same chemical and physical properties as diamonds, and merely imitate the appearance of a diamond. The most well-known simulant is cubic zirconia, which is a crystal form of zirconium oxide, and moissanite, which is made of silicon carbide. Simulants do not have the same hardness and longevity as real diamonds which last forever. You can find simulants in costume jewellery. Be aware of companies that use the term SIMULANTS to take advantage of uneducated customers. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are REAL DIAMONDS.

No they are not. Simulants are not diamonds. Be wary of websites such us “” those types of websites sell “diamond simulants” which use very clever writing to mislead customers. They are not real diamonds.

Lab created diamonds started in the 1950’s by General Electric, however they were only being used for industrial purposes due to the low quality in colour and clarity. Over the past few decades scientists and laboratories around the world started improving the methods. But only until just a few years ago they were able to start producing gem quality diamonds, which are now starting to become available to the market.

The diamond tester will positively identify it as a diamond. They both have the exact same composition.

On average 75% cheaper than mined diamonds. If a mine diamond cost €10,000 lab costs €2,500.

Yes they all do, because they are made from 100% carbon and are diamonds.

Yes they do. Just like natural diamonds, most diamonds created in labs have flaws, and only very few become flawless.

Yes, all diamonds receive an individual certificate describing all characteristics such as size, clarity and color of the diamond.

We offer one free size change, 2 sizes smaller or larger, within the first 12 months.

I can't find the diamond I want.

Yes, we can! Contact us with the specifications and we can find it for you. Generally, we can give you an estimate value straight away. To find it can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days for certain stones.

Yes, we do sell coloured diamonds. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. One of our experts will be in touch to offer you various options.

You can easily choose your loose diamond. All you need to do is go to engagement rings and start with a diamond. To select your diamond use our search tool. To make it easy and simple we offer a few basic variables, but the most important are carat, colour, clarity, and cut.

The results below show the diamonds that match your chosen filters. If you choose a diamond available in the showroom, it will be shipped on the next business day. All other diamonds may take from 5 to 15 days to be shipped. Click on Detail and choose Add Loose Diamond To Cart. Check your Order Summary and click Checkout. Fill out your details, pay, and voila!


We have an experienced team of designers and jewellers who work together to bring the most sought after designs from classical and timeless to extravagant designs and everything in between. Our products go through a strong quality control process to ensure all our rings and other jewellery is up to a high standard.

Yes. We are happy to work with you and create your dream design. From simple to extravagant - we can make it. Contact us to learn more about the process or follow this guide

Yes we can custom make any design, no matter how intricate it is. Contact us or make an appointment to have one of our experts walk you through the process.

Why Novita Diamonds?

The main reasons are:

  • It’s the ethical choice
  • Greater value for a lower price
  • They are real diamonds
  • The cost is 75% less than mined diamonds
  • There are no middlemen involved in our operation
  • We buy directly from the manufacturers
  • We are not just an online-based jewellery company
  • We have showrooms in multiple cities
  • You can order online or visit one of our showrooms
  • We are an Australian family-owned and operated business

Yes, we are a German company! Novita Diamonds was founded in Australia by Iris Arnold, a native of Germany, and after England has now arrived in Germany.

Placing an order

It depends on the country you are accessing our site from. The system should automatically update to your currency by checking where your IP address is from.

Yes, we have showrooms where our customers can visit us. You will be able to see, touch, and feel the amazing quality that Novita Diamonds is proud to bring to you.

We use discreet packaging for shipment. Contact us so our team members could assist you.

Yes, our jewellery is shipped with signature on delivery service and fully insured whilst in transit.

Novita Diamonds has a wholesale model pricing, with very small margins. Therefore our diamonds vary with the price of the US dollar, be wary of companies whose prices do not vary with the dollar this means they have large mark ups.

Yes, you can! Simply follow the checkout steps till the last part where we offer all the available payment methods. You will be able to choose to pay by bank transfer at the payment section.


Yes you will get a diamond certificate from an independent laboratory like IGI or GIA.

All our certified diamonds are laser inscribed, giving you peace of mind that your diamond will have an easily identifiable unique number.
If unsure you can take your diamond to a valuer who can confirm the stone. Alternatively, you can bring it to one of our showrooms and we will check it for you at no cost.

We will provide a valuation certificate with your purchase at NO EXTRA COST. We use an independent valuer to make our insurance replacement valuations.

Yes, it works the same way as with mined diamonds. For any single item purchased over AU$2,000, we provide you with an independent insurance valuation certificate, that is the only document you will be asked when insuring your ring or other jewellery.

Yes we have, however keep in mind GIA unfortunately was very late to enter the lab grown diamond race. Most experts agree that IGI has become the authority of lab created diamonds in the world. You can find more information on our blog “What Should I Buy, GIA or IGI”.

Because only round diamond shapes have an agreed pre-determined set of standard rules. While all the other shapes can vary, for example an oval shape can be made wide or elongated, and there is no right or wrong, it comes down to personal preference. While round shape can only be round therefore a standard was set and adopted by everyone.

Origin of diamonds

Yes they are! As opposed to mined diamonds, only lab grown diamonds can be guaranteed to be ethical diamonds and 100% conflict free. It is extremely difficult to know the origin of a mined diamond, especially when it goes through many sets of hands after leaving the mine.

Ethical Choice

YES, and they are the only diamonds that are genuinely ethical. Do not fall into the misinformation trap set by sellers of mined diamonds. They will falsely claim that the mined diamonds they are selling are ethical. ONLY lab diamonds are truly ethical.

No, Novita is a strong advocate of lab grown diamonds to make the world more sustainable and to ensure the diamonds we sell are guaranteed conflict free. Technology has advanced to the point where diamonds can be grown in the lab that are identical to mined diamonds. As such, they represent a promising alternative to damaging the environment and potentially putting people at a disadvantage in developing countries.