Dress For Success and  Novita Diamonds Partnership
Jul 14, 2023
Dress For Success and Novita Diamonds Partnership

Our core mission as a young disruptor in the diamond space has always been to be better and do better than our established competitors. It starts with our firm refusal to deal with mined diamonds and be complicit, by association with human suffering and environmental destruction, to providing real lab grown diamonds at astonishingly affordable prices. With the help of our valuable customers, we have come a long way towards achieving our goals. However, we always ask, 'what more can we do to give back?'. Fortunately, we have found a partner who is as eager as us to empower the community.

An Empowering Partnership

Dress For Success and  Novita Diamonds Partnership

To enact positive and meaningful change, the choice of a partner charity is crucial. Not only does our respective goals need to align, but they should have a proven track record of helping the community. We found all that and more with Dress for Success and we are both thrilled and proud to announce our new partnership and we look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation in order to bring positive change.

So, who are Dress for Success and what do they do? Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organisation that helps women who may have fallen into financial difficulty find work and get back on their feet. Each year, Dress for Success helps over 4,500 unemployed women across UK to secure employment and achieve financial independence. 

We are living in unprecedented times and still in the midst of the COVID pandemic that has shown no signs of fully going away.  The effect the prolonged pandemic has had on every stratum of society is as profound as far-reaching.  The way we live and work has radically changed, sometimes permanently. Businesses around the globe has had to adapt, or face closure, to the extraordinary challenges brought in by the pandemic, and we are no different. With the focus and dedication of our team and the continued support of our customers, we have not only survived but flourished over the past two difficult years. With our founder, Iris, at the helm, NOVITA DIAMONDS, as a women-led company with a majority of female employees, has succeeded in establishing, through great effort, a completely unique and organic workplace. At NOVITA DIAMONDS, with an inclusive culture of staff confidence and personal responsibility, everyone is encouraged to voice their opinion and pitch in their ideas, no matter how outlandish, and influence the company's direction.

Aa majority female-led company, we are fully aware of the, often underreported by the mainstream media, trend called "She-cession", an economic downturn where job and income losses are affecting women more than men. We feel that we are positioned perfectly to take an active role in being part of the solution and do our part in helping women succeed who otherwise, through no fault of their own, are not allowed to achieve financial security. With an excess of 85% of our workforce being female, we empathise first-hand with women who face difficulty in finding the confidence to ask for what you rightfully deserve- happiness and mental wellbeing achieved through financial stability by securing a job in a profoundly unfair job market.

As a diamond retailer and a jewellery manufacturer, NOVITA DIAMONDS sell objects of beauty and brilliance that signifies eternal commitment and deep sentimental value to people in love. Therefore, more than most, we are aware that although jewellery like studs and pendants are often seen as an indicator of wealth and social status, to many it can also be a personality statement. Similar to the personal choice of clothes and shoes, jewellery is often a vital part of the wearers' self-esteem and necessary to boost one's confidence. As previously mentioned, women need every little bit of their hard-earned confidence to face a society and job market that is often stacked against them.

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Dress For Success and  Novita Diamonds Partnership