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We understand how buying an engagement ring is a huge undertaking for anyone contemplating making the next big step with their partner. What better signifies the eternal promise of love other than a diamond ring? After all, “Diamonds are forever”.

To help you, make sure to follow our step-by-step guide to help you get started finding your perfect ring.
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1. Set A Budget

The first thing to do before buying an engagement ring, you should determine your budget as this will determine the kind of ring you are able to get. The process of taking your commitment to the next level should be a thrilling moment and not a stressful one. Novita Diamonds will help you maximise your budget and help you find the engagement ring suitable for you.

2. Choosing A Diamond Learn about the 4 C’s

Choosing a lab grown diamond is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Learn about the 4 C’s (cut, colour, clarity, and carat) and how they affect the lustre, sparkle, quality, and price of a diamond.


Each diamond shape is unique and has a different look and effect. The shape of diamond you choose should appeal to your and your partner’s style. The most popular diamond shapes are Round, Oval, Pear, Cushion, Emerald, Radiant, Princess, Asscher and Marquise.


We have made it simple for our customers on our Novita website and when shopping, you can filter out diamonds to your liking by the 4Cs category, as shown in the image below.

Furthermore, you can filter the diamonds that are available in our showroom by clicking on the 'AVAILABLE IN SHOWROOM' tab and check its availability in the 'SHOWROOM' column

3. Choosing A Ring Setting style options

Novita Diamonds offers some ring setting options such as: Side Stone, Solitaire, Three Stone and Halo.

Metal type options

Novita Diamonds provides four precious metals to choose from: platinum, 18ct Gelbgold, 18ct Roségold and 18ct white gold.

Find her ring size

We understand how challenging it can be, if you are trying to keep your proposal plans a surprise. However, worry not because Novita Diamonds will share a range of solutions and options to help you find out your partner’s ring size.


At Novita Diamonds we know that it is sometimes difficult to get the right ring size especially when it is a surprise. We therefore offer your first resize for

4. Purchase Process Creating your ring

Our website has been intelligently designed to be as user friendly as possible. The first step is to choose a diamond. This can be done here. On this page you are able to filter through the thousands of diamonds on our website and select the diamond you love. You can filter by Price, Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Shape. Once you have selected your diamond you will need to click on “choose this diamond”. The website will then take you to the ring settings page. On this page you can filter by Ring Style, Metal, Diamond Shape and Price. We also offer additional personalisation such as different options for the claws, height of the setting, ring size and engraving options. Once you have selected your ring, click “choose this design”. The website will then show you a summary of what you put together and you can proceed to checkout and payment. Your ring can also be created by choosing the setting first and the diamond afterwards. This can be done here.

Custom Designs

We can create any ring for you, so if you have a design in mind or have seen something that you love elsewhere get in touch with us! We require a photo of the ring and some additional information such as which metal you would like and we will be able to quote you. You are able to email us this information to

On our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, we regularly post unique custom made pieces and you could gather inspiration from these designs for your own unique design.

Loose Diamonds

If you have not yet decided on your ring, you are also able to purchase a loose diamond. This can be done by clicking here. Once you have selected your ideal diamond click on the “add loose diamond to cart”. It will then take you to checkout where you can make payment for your diamond

Available in showroom

We have over 1200 diamonds in our showrooms in Germany for you to choose from and view in person. Our diamond search tool has a feature that allows you to filter the selection by what is available in our showroom as opposed to the other diamonds which are based overseas. If you would like to view a specific diamond from our showroom stock it’s best to give us a couple days' notice just in case the diamond is in another city. We could then have the stones sent to the showroom of your choice overnight.

Estimated shipping date

We have a range of options available on our website. We have our Express lab diamond rings which we ship out to you within 1-10 days of purchase. Our standard manufacturing time is 5-6 weeks. We also offer an express service for an additional charge where we will have your ring ready in 2.5 weeks. This option can be selected at checkout. This express service is only available for diamonds located in our showroom.

payment options

We offer a variety of payment options such as credit cards, bank transfer and paypal. We have a deposit policy where you can pay a 20% deposit and have 90 days to pay the balance.

tracking your order

After confirming your purchase, you are able to track your Novita order through our system.

Return policy

At Novita Diamonds we have a free 30 day returns policy. Some exclusions apply.

5. Need Help?

On our website we have an online chat service where you can talk to one of our friendly staff and they can help you out with any enquiries. In the bottom right corner of the page is a “Chat with us” button. Just click on there and we will be more than happy to assist. Unlike other websites, our chat service is a real person, not an automated computer responding to your questions.
Our chat service operates 7 days a week and the operating hours can be found here

If it is during our opening hours, you may also call us on 069 71167195 and our friendly staff can assist you with enquiries.

6. Visit Our Showroom

Pop into one of our showrooms where our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you. Our team is here to help you browse through our gorgeous jewellery be it a stunning engagement ring or an unforgettable full diamond necklace.

All visits are by appointment only. This way we can prepare for your visit promptly, responding to your needs and guiding you through the process.

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