Lab Grown Diamonds Will stay beautiful Forever
May 19, 2023
Lab Grown Diamonds Will stay beautiful Forever
As a diamond buyer, you may have some misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds that we are happy to clarify. There have been several bogus articles circulating online, which we believe to be a desperate attempt by a few rapidly fading diamond companies to resist the enormous changes occurring in the industry lately. To help shed some light on any misleading 'facts', we spoke with our gemologist. As a starting point, let us answer the most commonly asked question, whether lab grown diamonds retain their beauty forever: the short answer is 'yes'! Through utilising cutting-edge technology, laboratory grown diamonds are disrupting the ancient and slow-moving diamond industry as customer preferences continue to change. Laboratory grown diamonds are having a positive impact on consumers and the environment for the first time in diamond history.


One of the most successful marketing campaigns in history has been De Beers' "Diamonds Are Forever". However, lab grown diamonds' beauty also lasts forever, much to their dismay. Since they both are made from the purest carbon, they have the same chemical composition. As a matter of fact, the only real difference between the two is that one is borne upon the surface of the earth and then unceremoniously dug out of it, resulting in tremendous trauma. Man made diamonds, on the other hand, are developed in sterile laboratories through advanced material science and physics.

It has been proven scientifically that lab grown diamonds will retain their colour for eternity . Even so, the hatred, and especially the fear, of the mined diamond industry towards lab grown diamonds has predictably resulted in some misleading articles circulating, spreading false claims like "lab grown diamonds change colour" and others. Discrediting an emerging industry with false claims is a desperate effort.

Lab Grown Diamonds Will stay beautiful Forever


We will compare lab grown diamonds to mined diamonds to help determine which type is best. Is it better to use lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds? As you will find out by going through this article, lab grown diamonds are clearly the best option because of their lower price, eco-friendliness, ethical sourcing, and conflict-free status. We also thought we'd mention some less obvious ones that aren't often discussed in mainstream media in addition to those obvious ones.

No fluorescence, A lab grown diamond does not fluoresce because it is grown in a meticulously controlled environment. In fact, the formation of mined diamonds is outside of anyone's control, so it is up to nature to decide whether they fluoresce. So what is fluorescence exactly? Essentially, fluorescence causes diamonds to appear milky, cloudy, or foggy, thereby reducing their vitality and life. Diamonds mined from the earth are subject to fluorescence, which is sometimes referred to as a 'curse'.

Cutting to perfection, By making diamonds from scratch, labs can tailor-make shapes based on the diamond cuts needed, as they are uniform and well-defined. With the extra rough material, diamonds can be cut perfectly in shape and proportions without compromising quality. Diamond cutters are limited in their ability to the ideal cut diamonds from rough diamonds mined from the ground due to their varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, they usually sacrifice the ideal cut so that they can maximise the weight (carat) of the rough diamond, causing the final diamond to appear a little less sparkly.

No surface reaching inclusions. It is rare for man-made diamonds to contain surface-reaching inclusions, whereas mined diamonds are much more likely to have them. These inclusions can detract from their beauty if they are noticeable. A diamond that has surface-reaching inclusions may also crack catastrophically when set into a ring or jewellery if its structural integrity is compromised.

The ultimate benefit of lab created diamonds is the varied but subtle hidden qualities, which may not be apparent at first but are inevitably worthwhile later. The cost savings, ethical and environmental considerations, and everlasting beauty of lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds are just a few of the main reasons lab diamonds outperform mined diamonds.